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Day Attendance

Attendance is to be entered at the end of every week. 


The forms will open by 3pm on Friday, and close 8am Tuesday morning. Adjustments are made and communicated regarding Holidays. 


Enter the student's instructional hours per day, using an 'R' when you are unavailable and an ''A'  when the student is absent. 


If you make an entry error, contact your Borough office.




Ensure you are entering your correct file number.  Errors will cause email receipts not to be delivered, and cause complications. 


Receipts will emailed to you within 24 hours of attendance closing. Please do not email about receipts until the alloted time has concluded. 



If you carry a 407 student's attendance, please click YES when asked about grade submission on your attednance forms. 

Paper forms must still be collected monthly until otherwise directed.  
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