How to apply Home Instruction 

In order to request Home Instruction Services the parent/guardian will need to notify the school’s guidance counselor and work with the school of affiliation to submit the following documents (High schools students also have to submit permanent record and transcript).


NOTE: Social Security Number is not required for HIPPA



Schools of affiliation are responsible for P.E. Modules

Students on Home Instruction are required to graduate with 4 credit of P.E.



Home Instruction can provide instructional time for up to 4 HS credits at the start of each semester.  However, credits are reflected of the amount of instructional time a student can accomplish per Academic Policy, which is dependent on the date of admittance and student attendance. 

The link below will provide our multi page application packet.
All 3 forms must be submitted for application to Home Instruction. 
Submitting application materials does not ensure approval for services.
Make sure all the information asked for on the forms is complete,  leaving any portions empty will absolutely delay the process. 
Each form has information on what information is necessary. 
Be sure you complete ALL pages in the referral. 

NOTE: Home instruction is not available for students who cannot attend school because they have not met immunization requirements.  Please contact the Office of Home Schooling.