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Mock Exams 

TEACHERS:  Please assign Mock Exams at the end of the semester. The exams should be completed 3 days before Final Grades are due to allow time for grading and adhering to administrative protocol.  The multiple-choice tests contain between 20-25 questions.  Once students complete the multiple-choice portion of the test, their graded multiple- choice responses will be emailed to you.  Additionally, attached to that email will be the questions and grading key for Part 2 of the exam, the extended response.  You are responsible for sharing Part 2 of the exam with your students and coordinating how the student will submit their work to you.  You will grade part 2 of the exam and determine the overall grade for the final exam. 


STUDENTS: Please complete only exams that your teacher has scheduled for you.  If you take an exam without your teacher's approval, your results will not be shared and the test is considered invalid.  Your teacher will also send you directions on how to complete Part 2 which is the extended response portion of the exam. 

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