Remote Learning Progress Reports

  1. This is not for LTA students

  2. We do not require reports for students who are Alternate Assessment

  3. The report is located on the right hand menu of our website. 

  4. NO RASA or Grade Reports are due at this time

  5. Teachers instructing 6-8th Graders  taking HS COURSES with CODES should complete the HS Progress Report

  6. The report is reflective of instruction through April 30th. 


This report is to be completed by the end of day May 4th, 2020.  For continuity and ease of communication, once submitted the report will be emailed to YOU, the Parent and the School of Affiliation.   At that point, please schedule time to discuss the report with the parent to review the information you included and to discuss how students can improve their progress.  This conference is to be completed by May 8th, 2020.  A simple phone call is sufficient and if it affects your instructional time we understand, it should take no more than 15 minutes.  Students will receive RELEASED (engaged) on your logs for this time, if the conference affects any scheduled live instruction.   


In the email sent to parents it clearly states teachers will arrange a time to conference about the progress report by May 8th, 2020.  It also provides parents with their APs email address to ensure if conferences are incomplete they can request one.  


It is important to note this is NOT a final grade report, as standard per academic policy schools of affiliation will incorporate our final grade reports to determine the student’s culminating grades for their transcripts.   Please work directly with your Assistant Principal if you have concerns or questions about conferencing with your students’ parents. 


Previous Grades given prior to Remote Learning will be emailed to you by the end of day Friday.   You can incorporate these grades when determining student progress in the  Remote Learning Progress Report.  Although we do not have access to the portfolios per session teachers maintained, the grades can be blended into the current progress report status.  It is easiest to blend grades for High School students who are receiving a numerical grade. This is at your discretion, keeping in mind standard mastery is the grading criteria for K-8.  At any grade level, your assessments will capture the most accurate acquisition of standards students have met.

HS report can be used for middle school students registered to a CODED HS course.  You can type in the remaining non coded courses as need. ex. 8th Grade Social Studies. 
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