Teacher Effectiveness

The teacher effectiveness working group is dedicated to disseminating pertinent information to each borough's teacher cohort. 


Monthly meetings are scheduled by assistant principals to provide ongoing professional developments. 


Information provided will focus mainly on instructional components however important administrative concerns will also be included. 


Please reach out to your AP for further information. 

Lervan Atticot


Jessica Kear

Renee Sandi



Katea Dale

Niobe Hayes

Pasha Durr 

Venice White

Staten Island

Richard Sancimino

Onel Naar



Sean McCann

Lenox Henry


Shenika Aspinall

Nancy Schwartz

The AA Point People are here to support teachers with AA assessments and curriculum needs. 

This includes but is not limited to: 


Data Collection and 


IEP Updates

They are available to meet teachers during day and per session hours.  Please EMAIL them with your concerns.   Their email addresses are linked to their names to the right of this text. 


Tara Zukas

Solange Louis​


Janice Collins

Karen Boncic



Districts 13,14,16,18,22,32

Michelle Kollmer

Staten Island 

and Brooklyn Districts 15,17,19,21,20,31

Maggie Ryan 

Internet Programs

i-Ready offers an adaptive diagnostic, and both teacher-led and individualized online instruction for a complete blended learning solution. It's all you need to drive student success in reading and math for grades K–12

 i-Ready will not work on the iPad.


Achieve3000 is an online literacy supplement that adapts to the students reading ability and tracks growth.  In order to effectively use this program, a student must complete 1-2 articles per week.  Grades: 2nd - 12th.


eScience3000 is designed by Achieve3000 and provides a full science curriculum for grades 6, 7, 8.  Lessons and materials are designed in conjunction with National Geographic.

Study Island  assists 9th grade through 12th grade  to master state-specific, grade-level academic standards in a fun and engaging manner.   Study Island combines rigorous content that is highly customized to specific state standards in math, reading, writing, science, and social studies with interactive features and games that engage students and reinforce and reward learning achievement. Study Island’s programs enable educators to track student performance in real-time to address individual

learning gaps, while allowing administrators

to monitor student progress and

measure teacher effectiveness.

Flocabulary is an online library of educational hip-hop songs and videos for grades K-12. Over 20,000 schools use Flocabulary to engage and inspire students.

**Click on “Office 365” and use your DOE email credentials to log in.

Brainpop presents videos and quizzes for students on a wide variety of topics.  Teachers are able to join the Brainpop community for lessons plans, units, and lesson materials.  Never contact BrainPop directly, message a coach for further information.

For access to this program use: 

Username: 501M

Password: poplearn

School code is: WMVT8657

** You can use the same school code to access Brainpop ELL.


Get involved with PBS Learning Media! Connect, collaborate, and learn with other educators looking to revolutionize their classrooms with digital media and technology.  Millions of videos with lesson plans and materials included. Create your own sign in!!! 



Contact Lervan Atticot 

Discovery Education 

  1.  Click on “LOGIN”

  2.  Click “Passcode/Create new user” (see picture below)

  3. Enter the following passcode: 7793-1C66

  4. Click “Submit,’ select either New User or Existing User, and follow the steps to log in

Starfall provides videos and media for early childhood Phonics, Reading and Math skills.   The program is appropriate for AA and early ed grade levels.   It is a support program and not an assessment.


Email Lervan Atticot for access to Starfall! 

HS Science Labs 

Students taking a science regents are required to complete labs in order to sit for a regents exam.  Students on Home Instruction that complete the lab package satisfy the lab requirement for a regents exam.